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Men’s Sneakers with Eco-Fur

Italian-crafted with eco-fur lining for year-round comfort. STEEN sneakers combine soft, premium leather with breathable, insulating eco-fur and a rubber sole. Available in multiple colorways, they offer a stylish, versatile choice for any occasion.

Please handle all products with care and keep them away from direct sunlight. Due to the natural properties of leather, some color changes may occur over time. For cleaning, gently wipe the products with a leather-specific wipe.

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Premium Italian Soft Leathers

Eco-fur Lining

Durable Rubber Sole

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Men’s Sneakers with Eco-Fur


comfort & functionality

Eco-fur Lining

STEEN Eco-fur-lined sneakers have been meticulously crafted to provide unbeatable comfort and functionality throughout the year. The eco-fur lining has specially formulated properties to keep your feet cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool, so you'll always remain comfortable no matter what the weather.